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Wastewater Treatment Systems

We offer maintenance and inspection services for all types of wastewater treatment systems to ensure they are fully operational and to prevent any future issues from arising. Poorly maintained wastewater treatment systems give rise to a number of issues including groundwater pollution and contamination of wells, streams, rivers etc. We have a highly-skilled and fully-trained team able to carry out all relevant maintenance works and we are always available to answer any queries you may have.

With years of industry experience, we offer comprehensive wastewater treatment system services ranging from tank supply and tank pump installation to general maintenance. We work with domestic wastewater treatment tanks as well as larger commercial wastewater systems, ensuring that your wastewater treatment system is kept in great working order all year round.

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Providing Full Wastewater Treatment Services

Providing Full Wastewater Treatment Services

  • Commercial and Domesctic Wastewater Treatment System installation

  • Tank Repairs

  • Tank Maintenance & Servicing

  • Wastewater Treatment System Inspections

  • Wastewater Treatment System Products & Accessories

  • Wastewater Treatment System Upgrades

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Aeration Sewage Treatment System

The Aeration sewage treatment system is ideally suited for use in single houses and larger developments. The system uses the aeration process to treat household wastewater. It is an environmentally sensitive system with low running costs and requires minimal maintenance. The system design incorporates a robust GRP tank, low wattage linear compressor, holding down feet and below ground installation. The Aeration Treatment System provides effective primary and secondary wastewater treatment. The treated effluent quality can be further enhanced by adding a Puraflo Tertiary treatment system to provide a third stage of treatment.

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