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Anua Gaffney Environmental provide high-quality wastewater management and treatment services to our customers throughout Ireland at competitive prices. Regular maintenance and inspections are recommended in order to prevent any issues arising and our services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Our services are available to both domestic and commercial clients on a once off treatment or contract basis. Our customers benefit from our personal service which is delivered by our skilled, fully trained team who ensure all work is carried out to the highest standard. If you have any queries we are always available to provide sound, practical advice.


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Peat Fibre 

Wastewater Treatment System Servicing

We offer maintenance and inspection services for all types of wastewater treatment systems to ensure they are fully operational and to prevent any future issues from arising. Poorly maintained wastewater treatment systems give rise to a number of issues including groundwater pollution and contamination of wells, streams, rivers etc. We have a highly skilled, fully trained team able to carry out all relevant maintenance works and we are always available to answer any queries you may have.

Rainwater Harvesting System Servicing

Rainwater harvesting technology cannot just be fitted and forgotten about; it requires regular maintenance in order to remain operational. As a minimum, rainwater harvesting systems must have:

  • Regular cleaning and removal of debris.

  • Regular inspection of system components.

  • Check-up of the mains water top-up to make sure it is operational and free from contamination.

These are just the minimum maintenance requirement for a rainwater harvesting system, with Anua Gaffney Environmental you receive a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure all aspects of your harvesting system are in optimum condition.

For all your environmental service requirements call now

Puraflo Peat Fibre Biofilter

Anua Gaffney Environmental can supply and install the sustainable, eco-friendly Puraflo peat fibre biofilter system. The use of the peat fibre biofilter greatly reduces the energy consumption required and can be used in conjunction with your existing wastewater management system for maximum efficiency.

Advantages of the Puraflo sewage treatment system:

  • Modular design ensures flexible sizing options

  • Completely odour-free

  • Very low or no power requirements

  • Seasonal or intermittent use compatible

  • High level pathogen and nitrogen removal

  • Green solution, based on passive biofiltration principles

  • Unique peat fiber with high lignin content, which provides for a longer media life

  • Minimal system operational and maintenance requirements

The Puraflo Peat Filter system is a highly effective sewage treatment system for single houses and larger developments with a unique system design and a proven track record. The system uses bio-fibrous peat to provide microbiological treatment of wastewater. It can also provide tertiary wastewater treatment where a higher treated effluent standard is required. The modular nature of the system makes it flexible to suit a wide range of applications and site conditions. Running costs and maintenance requirements for the Puraflo system are minimal.

The peat fibre within the Puraflo system will eventually need to be replaced. The factors for replacing the fibre include its loadings and time. Anua Gaffney Environmental carries out the remedial work. Quotes can be issued on request.

Aeration Treatment Systems

The Aeration sewage treatment system is ideally suited for use in single houses and larger developments. The system uses the aeration process to treat household wastewater. It is an environmentally sensitive system with low running costs and requires minimal maintenance. The system design incorporates a robust GRP tank, low wattage linear compressor, holding down feet and below ground installation. The Aeration Treatment System provides effective primary and secondary wastewater treatment. The treated effluent quality can be further enhanced by adding a Puraflo Tertiary treatment system to provide a third stage of treatment.

Service & Maintenance

At Anua Gaffney Environmental we also provide general maintenance and repairs for all types of wastewater treatment systems and components including pumps, blowers, motor repairs and all electrical services. Our skilled tradesmen complete all work to the highest standard ensuring all fixtures are functioning properly and we will not leave a project until a suitable solution has been provided.

A wastewater treatment system is designed with the best of quality and performance in mind, to meet customer’s specific wastewater treatment requirements and provide years of trouble free operation. However all wastewater treatment plants will require servicing and maintenance. Anua Gaffney Environmental offers a range of service agreements to suit customers and their treatment system. The company has a full understanding of the design, operation and the components that make up its treatment plants. The company also offers a call-out service for maintenance requirements.

Anua Gaffney Environmental provide sampling services which include calling to site, taking the sample and getting the sample tested and also provides 24hr sampling if required.

For all your environmental service requirements call now

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