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Aeration tanks

At Gaffney Environmental Ltd t/a Anua, we provide the highest-quality air tank installation to clients across Roscommon. We supply our Aeration tanks to both domestic and commercial clients.


Our water treatments are available on a one-time or contract basis. Our highly trained team members have years of expert knowledge in wastewater management. They will ensure that you receive the highest-quality water treatments. They are happy to provide you with the most practical advice to suit your property.

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How do Aeration tanks work?

Aeration tanks are a vital element in wastewater management. Aeration is often referred to as the “activated sludge” process.


Aeration tanks follow a step-by-step process:

  1. Air is pumped into a tank. This pumping promotes the growth of microbes in wastewater.
  2. These microbes then feed on any organic material they find. This forms flocks (active sludge) which will settle.
  3. This active sludge returns to the aeration basin to improve how fast decomposition occurs.

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What are the advantages of Aeration tanks?

Aeration tanks have many advantages:

Aeration tanks have many advantages:

  • Aeration tanks remove carbon dioxide from wastewater treatment processes

  • Removes hydrogen sulphide gas

  • Removes methane gas

  • Removes Radon gas

Why are Aeration tanks important?

Aeration tanks are essential in the wastewater treatment process. Aeration tanks allow you to create a more significant impact on the amount of wastewater you can treat.

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