Gaffney Environmental Ltd t/a Anua supplies & installs the Puraflo Peat Fibre Biofilter System for an eco-friendly sewage system alternative

Puraflo Peat Fibre

Gaffney Environmental Ltd t/a Anua can supply and install the sustainable, eco-friendly Puraflo peat fibre biofilter system. The use of the peat fibre biofilter greatly reduces the energy consumption required and can be used in conjunction with your existing wastewater management system for maximum efficiency. The Puraflo Peat Filter system is a highly effective sewage treatment system for single houses and larger developments with a unique system design and a proven track record. The system uses bio-fibrous peat to provide microbiological treatment of wastewater. It can also provide tertiary wastewater treatment where a higher treated effluent standard is required. The modular nature of the system makes it flexible to suit a wide range of applications and site conditions. Running costs and maintenance requirements for the Puraflo system are minimal.

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Why Choose the Puraflo Peat Fibre Biofilter System?

Why Choose the Puraflo Peat Fibre Biofilter System?

  • Modular design ensures flexible sizing options

  • Completely odour-free

  • Very low or no power requirements

  • Seasonal or intermittent use compatible

  • High level pathogen and nitrogen removal

  • Green solution, based on passive biofiltration principles

  • Unique peat fiber with high lignin content, which provides for a longer media life

  • Minimal system operational and maintenance requirements

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How Does the Puraflo Septic Tank System Work?

Unlike traditional septic tank systems, the Puraflo Peat Fibre Biofilter system is a more eco-friendly way of dealing with wastewater in your domestic or commercial property. The system works by collecting wastewater similar to a traditional septic tank, before treating it through a bio-fibrous filter made from peat. This treatment process mixes chemical, biological, and physical treatments to fully treat the water.
After treatment, the water can be collected to be reused or disposed of safely.

Puraflo Peat Fibre Replacement

The peat within the Puraflo modules need to be replaced after a length of time and use, Gaffney Env t/a anua has the source and supply of the peat fibre to replace it within the modules.


Delivery and installation of peat fibre

Supply only of peat fibre (delivery or Collection)

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