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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a fantastic way of increasing the eco-friendliness of your property and reducing energy and water bills. As well as being a cheaper alternative to a traditional home water system, rainwater harvesting uses less water than traditional water systems and can be used in bathrooms, sinks, and outhouses across your property.
Here at Gaffney Environmental Ltd t/a Anua we supply, install, and maintain top-quality rainwater harvesting systems for homes and businesses across Ireland, making rainwater collection and water harvesting easier.
All of our rainwater collection systems are tailored to suit your individual needs, creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly environment in your home or workplace.

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Providing Comprehensive Water Collection Systems & Services

Providing Comprehensive Water Collection Systems & Services

  • Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • Regular Cleaning & Removal of Debris

  • Regular Inspections of System Components

  • Inspections of Mains Water Top-up to Ensure No Contamination

  • Rainwater Collection System Products & Accessories

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tank Supplies

  • General Rainwater Collection System Maintenance & Repairs

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How Do Rainwater Collection Systems Work?

Rainwater Collection Systems are a relatively straightforward system that can be installed into almost any property to collect rainwater for human use. These systems comprise of parts for collection as well as a water tank for storage. After collection, the water collected is safe to use in toilets, sinks, hoses, and more appliances around the home or office.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems FAQ